This story-based film is built on a story narrating one person’s journey through commitment and integrity. The character is commitment to making profound influence on the American judicial system which he accomplishes after a long struggle.

Thematic display

The story is directed through though provoking episodes and scenes taking the viewer of this fascinating documentary through miles and miles of imagination through the life and work of one of the very first African American experts at law- a judge, and his impacts ad influences on the lives of Individual African Americans and the justice society in general.

The prevailing challenges.

Judge Henderson, having come straight from college is faced with the discrimination and stigma that every other black man in America has experienced through the many years. The major challenge is that he is in a position of passing judgement and decisions upon both whites and blacks.

Being looked upon simply because of his skin color he had to work double harder to meet the demands and service status of his profession. At one point in time Mister Henderson in the soul of justice lost his job because of helping out a black man. This was outrightly termed as criminal by the white that were above him in the professional ladder.

The setup

In order to bring out the worst-case scenarios and challenges that the judge came across. The film is set in a judge’s everyday life. The film is made from normal sessions and lives of a black man among white men who at the time though so much less of him. The timing of the 1960s was when blacks were much discriminated but the revolutions were getting in motion all across the American societies.

What Judge Henderson Did

Judge Henderson fought ruthlessly against racism in the professional arena. He assisted blacks to get justice but he didn’t compromise or judge unfairly in an attempt to get revenge against the white. He fought the system with the law, where the law failed, he pushed for change and finally after so much struggling he managed to shift the system and to shed some light on the world.

By the time Henderson stabilized in his career, the world of justice knew him as a principled man who never bend the law to suit his personal interests but he fought for the weak using the same law with which they were oppressed. He was good at his job and he knew how to turn the language of racism into the language of justice. Judge Henderson in the soul of justice displays a fearless command of his profession and unquestionable achievements during his lifetime.

Every time the young judge spoke, he was faced with criticism beyond any reasonable measure yet in his own way he never gave up. Instead he pushed for an enhancement in his own career and pushed for an agenda to ensure equal rights and a flat base platform of delivering justice to all.


One does not have to bend the law in order to get the just verdict, as can be seen in the soul of justice. It does not matter the prevailing conditions; a determined mind can achieve both the imaginable and the unimaginable. Every society needs only one brave person to lead it in pushing for its rights.